• Next Generation Balanced-Lasting Cementing Toe Lasting Machine

Next Generation Balanced-Lasting Cementing Toe Lasting Machine

Unique Features:

  • Unique balanced-lasting system: Critical mechanism, including pincers, foot support, and wipers, are completely redesigned to make shoes lasted under balanced conditions.
  • Innovative equal-tension pincer system: Even very short upper can be put into pincer jaws easily.  In this way, shoe upper will be under equal tension, which is the foundation of perfect lasting.  
  • Automatic size changing system: Pincer profile and heel rest positions will automatically change according to shoe sizes.  
  • Adoption of numerical technology: Pressures of pincers and toe pressing pad, positions of heel rest and foot support are numerically controlled and displayed, with the benefit of accurate control and stable lasting results.
  • Whole system quick-change shoe pattern: All pincers, toe band, and wipers can be quickly changed without tools; pincer profile, pressures, and other parameters can be programmed and stored in memory. 
  • Interchangeable parameters between machines: Settings of one machine can be downloaded through its USB port, and then be copied to other machines. In this way setup time can be saved and lasting results between different machines are maintained.
  • Introduction of Ergonomics: The heights, inclinations, and positions of all operation surfaces are completely redesigned with the consideration of operator’s comfort and convenience.
  •  Industrial and aesthetic design: A whole new platform for this machine is designed with aesthetics in mind. The result is a new generation of machine with beautiful and futuristic look.

MACINE SIZE (L*W*H) 1800x1160x1905 mm
PACKING SIZE (L*W*H) 1970x1170x2180 mm
N.W. 1445 kgs
G.W. 1640 kgs
P.S. The above specifications and designs are subject to change without pre-notice.

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