• Computerized Programmable Cementing Toe-Lasting Machine

Computerized Programmable Cementing Toe-Lasting Machine

3-Pressure Toe Pad:
Supply appropriate pressure when needed.
Quick-Change Wipers:
No need of tools for changing wipers, providing instant shoe style change.
Quick-Change Toe Band:
Automatically adjust distance between 1st pincer and last support, offering best lasting results.
1st Pincer Lefr/Right swing.
Quick adaptation of pincers for asymmetrical-toe shoes, eliminate time needed for pincer arrangement.
Auto Pincer Shoe-size Adjustment:
Provide balanced pincer shaping mechanism.
Quick-change Pincer:
Change pincer instantly, reduce downtime.
Independent Pincer Flash-Open:
Auto/manual adjustments of pincer flash-open, removing any extra tension on shoe uppers.
Pincer Slipping System:
Allow upper to slip between jaws; save upper material.
Individual Pincer Pulling Adjustment:
Balance the tension on upper automatically /manually at any point.
Automatic Rear Pincer Turning:
Easy adjustment on turning angle.
Last Support Double Rise:
Reduce tension on upper; lower possibility of breaking.
Synchronous Support & Rest:
Position the last precisely at the same location.
Assist in lasting arched bottom shoes flawlessly.
Wrap-around Side Clamp Device:
Help make perfect lasting on waist area.
PLC controlled processor:
High speed processing, accurate movements.
Touch Screen Interface:
User-friendly page arrangement, operate with great ease.
Operating Parameters Storage:
Saving up to 30 files, cutting time needed for different shoe style.
Asymmetric Lasting Mechanism:
Last ball area by the difference between left/right shoes.
Quick-change injector System:
Highly compatible injector base, suitable for injector crowns for different shoe shapes.
Motor-driven Cement Feeding:
Smooth cement feeding, cement jam is greatly reduced.
Spring-mounted injector Base:
Apply cement onto insole evenly by.

Machine Size (LxWxH)

1720x1210x1950 mm

Packing Size(LxWxH)

1860x1410x2200 mm


2000 Pairs


1235 kgs


1410 kgs


3.8 KW

P.S. The above specifications and designs are subject to change without pre-notice.

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