• Wiper Type Double Action Heel-Lasting Machine

Wiper Type Double Action Heel-Lasting Machine

EF-862 was designed to tackle the long-existing problem of wrinkle formation during lasting operation because of the

nonconformance of wiper and last shape. EF-862 has inherited Ye Hone¡¦s tradition and evolved into a new generation of wiper

double action. You will never feel the greatness of EF-862 without operating it yourself.

Movement sequence of wipers in transverse
and longitudinal direction can be separately adjusted to prevent wrinkle formation.
Wiper stroke control is easy to make.
The necessity of wiper replacement is minimum.
Hydraulic circuit lock-on design
for last support reduces instability of working position.
Powerful second pressure on wiper
results in perfect lasting performance.

Machine Size(L WxH)

1200x760x1420 mm

Packing Size(LxWxH)

1400x820x1680 mm


2200 Pairs


470 kgs


580 kgs


1.9 KW

P.S. The above specifications and designs are subject to change without pre-notice.

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