• Computerized Fully Automatic Heel Seat & Side Cement Lasting Machine

Computerized Fully Automatic Heel Seat & Side Cement Lasting Machine

Differential Inner/ Outer Waist Cement Path:
Easy control on cement path, making the path follow insole profile effectively.
Independent Pincer Pulling:
Separately adjustable pulling for left/right shoe,
Giving natural tension distribution of upper.
Pincer Inward pulling:
Extra inward pulling after pincers grasp the upper, providing tight fit of upper against the last.
Powered Pincer Position Adjustment:
Slight touch on the switch, pincers can be moved to the best pulling position.
Auto-balanced Heel Band Gap:
Balanced gap with wipers, shaping perfect lasting results on the heel.
Powered Heel Band Position Adjustment:
Guided by user-friendly oriented design principle, heel band can be adjusted with great ease.
Separate Lasting Fingers:
Combined with unique hydraulic system, resulting in tight ball-area lasting.
Motor-driven Cement Feeding:
Stable and adjustable cement quantity, keeping sound cement quality.
Portable File Storage Device:
Using USB port to copy shoe pattern files from one machine to another, no need of repetitive settings.
Active Cement Stop Device:
Quick start/stop response of cement application, preventing leakage.
Overlapped Seat & Side Lasting:
Smooth connection between seat & side, perfecting lasting quality.
Encoder Controlled Side Lasting:
Accurate cement path, creating better side lasting results.
Touch Screen Interface:
User-friendly, integrated controls, making operations and maintenance easy.
Computerized Control:
PLC control device, controlling the machine with maximum flexibility.
Operating Parameters Storage:
Saving up to 30 files, cutting time needed for different shoe style.
Automatic Error Warning:
Warnings on various possible errors, providing quick repair solutions.


EF-526MAZ:5 | EF-526MBZ:4

Machine Size (LxWxH)

1550x1400x1900 mm

Packing Size (LxWxH)

1700x1520x2100 mm

Capacity (8Hr)

1500 Pairs


1150 kgs


1345 kgs


3 KW

P.S. The above specifications and designs are subject to change without pre-notice.

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