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EF-526L+ Automatic Heel-Seat and Side Lasting Machine for Lady Shoes
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Flexible Side-Lasting Pad System:


Patented Side Pad System can clamp and last shoes with high curvature (such as high-heels) tightly and completely to reach perfect lasting results.

Automatic Side-lasting Finger Inclination Adjustment:


Unique electrical inclination adjustment system, hands can feel the inclination by touching and moving together with finger set.

Left/Right Pincer Position Auto-Switching:


Electrical pincer position adjustment, automatic switching between left and right shoes to pull upper correctly.

Touch Screen Interface:


User-friendly multi-language and graphic display, enhancing readability and operation easiness.

Computerized Control:


PLC working sequence control provides easy operation and more accurate control.

Pincer Inward Pulling:


Extra pincer inward pulling after grasping shoe upper, providing tight fit against shoe last.

Auto-Balanced Heel Band Support:


Balanced heel band height, shaping perfect lasting results on the heel.

Automatic Error Warning:


Warnings on various possible errors, providing quick repair solutions.









Machine Size (LxWxH)

1400×1600×1900 mm

Packing Size(LxWxH)

1700×1520×2100 mm


1500 Pairs

Hydraulic Oil

80 Liters


1180 kgs


1330 kgs



P.S. The above specifications and designs are subject to change without pre-notice.



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